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Game Changing Toppings

The toppings for our artisan New York Pies are made with real, natural food, whole cuts of meat and freshly prepared vegetables of exceptionally high quality. They are marinated, slow roasted, and prepared in Joint daily. These are a real game changer!

Real Chefs

Our artisan New York pies are hand tossed by trained chefs using authentic, all natural New York pizza dough which has been allowed to prove for up to 5 days in Joint for optimal flour development and crispiness.

We Are Artisans

Our classic New York dough and toppings are prepared on site in small batches by skilled chefs. We don’t use dough improvers or enhancers so the perfect New York pie can be in the works for up to 5 days due to slow proving dough and toppings marinating for unto 48 hours then slow cooking for 18. Preparation and patience is paramount for a real NY Slice.

Provenance Mission

The UK is home to some of the world’s greatest food producers and the number of local producers in each region is phenomenal. We have made it our mission to use local, independent producers and all natural products as much as possible. This not only has a hugely positive impact on the quality and freshness of our products, but also on the environment and local economy.